Tape Your Toes Together: Here’s Why

Tape Your Toes Together: Here’s Why

Thanks to running, climbing, kicking, walking, hiking, tapping, dancing, etc. the feet go through a lot on a daily basis, and, therefore, they deserve additional attention. Everyday Health point out that your feet have a lot to offer with more than 50 bones, 60 joints and 200 muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

If you want to take proper care of your feet, take a look at these simple things you should do:

  • Toe taping

A lot of women will definitely agree that not wearing high heels is a difficult task when you love dressing to impress. Jess C.Morley, an investigative journalist, decided to test the theory that taping the third and fourth toes together, counting from the big toe out, can alleviate ache by easing pressure on the feet balls. Although it’s not a permanent solution, she says it helped for a while. She wrote in The Guardian that it alters your balance and slightly numbs your feet.

  • Treat blisters

You can easily alleviate blister ache by applying some cooled green tea which holds anti-inflammatory properties that ease ache and swelling. As seen on Everyday Health, you can also soak the feet in black tea.

  • Take care of your shoes

Wet shoes don’t only smell unpleasantly, but they are the perfect surrounding for bacteria. Namely, stuff the wet shoes with old newspapers and leave them to dry. Moreover, keep leather shoes away from direct heat which can crack the shoes, according to Esquire.

  • Choosing the right shoes

According to About Health, a 2002 study showed that 72% of the participants weren’t wearing the right shoe size. Therefore, whenever you’re uncertain about your size, measure your feet at a shoe store. Additionally, choosing the right athletic shoe is crucial as the feet are under a lot of pressure during workout, as written on WebMD.

  • Have a pedicure

Soak the feet in sea salt and warm water mixture to lower ache and prevent infections. Also, remember to exfoliate the feet and remove dead skin, and, before going to bed, apply a thick feet moisturizer. Next, put on socks and wake up the next morning with softer feet, according to Alternative Daily.

All in all, remember that your feet help you get from place to place daily and paying them a little extra attention is of high importance.