10 Toxic Foods Made in China That Are Filled with Plastic, Pesticides, and Cancer-Causing Chemicals!

10 Toxic Foods Made in China That Are Filled with Plastic, Pesticides, and Cancer-Causing Chemicals!

Probably, you’ve heard of plastic rice- fake rice made of plastic in China. Namely, consuming even small amounts of plastic is detrimental for the digestive system and hormones. The BPA in plastic mimics estrogen and this hormone increases when BPA is ingested. China follows these manufacturing techniques to produce cheap products like toys, household items, and even food!

Take a look at the following foods that you need to avoid as they are filled with toxins and pesticides:

Tilapia fish- this fish is farmed in China and you need to exclude it from your diet. Hence, tilapia fish are known to eat anything and they live in a little pool of waste water. To make matters worse, seafood farmers in China don’t allow their children to eat the fish they’re producing because it’s not safe. 80% of tilapia fish sold in the USA is from China.

Cod fish– another type of fish farmed in China. Unfortunately, this fish lives in its own waste.

Chinese apple juice– China is the largest pesticide-creating nation in the world, and, what’s more, this juice is filled with sugar.

Processed mushrooms-According to US inspectors, they’ve discovered poisonous mushrooms with Chinese origin. And, some manufacturers in China even mark these harmful mushrooms as natural, solely for profit. 34% of processed mushrooms in the USA are with Chinese origin. Therefore, opt for organic mushrooms only.

Chinese garlic– In 2013, the US Department of Agriculture supported the sale of Chinese chicken on American soil. However, food specialists are worried about the quality of this chicken as there are a lot of bird flu cases and food-borne ailments in China.

Plastic rice– it is believed that this rice is made from potatoes and fake synthetic resin. When heated up, the rice doesn’t soften as regular rice. Long-term consumption, as previously mentioned, can have negative consequences on one’s wellbeing.

Mud, sold as black pepper- a merchant in China gathered mud and sold it as black pepper. Also, he added flour to the mud and sold it as white pepper.

Industrial salt- despite its harmful consequences for the human body, industrial salt was long sold as table salt. This salt is known to cause mental and physical problems, hypothyroidism, and problems with the reproductive system.

Green peas- These peas were discovered in 2005 and could be still present today. Hence, they were made with soy beans, snow peas, green artificial color, and sodium metabisulfite. The artificial colors are banned as they cause cancer and prevent the body from assimilating calcium. When cooked, these peas don’t soften and the water in which they’re boiled becomes greenish.

All in all, China is definitely the number one nation when it comes to production of pesticides. Also, it’s one of the most polluted places in the entire world. That is, staggering 70% of Chinese rivers are contaminated, the air is polluted, and the vast production of items releases a ton of poisonous chemicals and by-products that contaminate the environment daily.

Unfortunately, the air in Beijing is so polluted that breathing it in harms the lungs as if you’re smoking 40 cigarettes daily, according to a study. Therefore, avoid food coming from China!